Åben – by professionals, for professionals

Åben Living invests in properties in Derby with the vision to turn them into homes for the aspiring professional. We are a group of four professionals ourselves, so we know what is desired from a rental property. Creating stylish, functional homes all inclusive of bills without any hassle.

Having received training from the largest property investment training provider in the world (Legacy), Åben benefit from specialist knowledge around the specific property strategies being employed. Our team is also an accredited member of the National Landlords Association (NLA).

The team

Samantha Wale

Sammie has always had a love for maths, tech and business. Having experience in project management and a degree in mathematics and computer science, there isn’t a problem she cannot solve. She is used to working to tight timelines and delivering on projects regardless of the challenges that arise along the way. Sammie has vast experience with maintaining transparency and building on relationships to ensure all parties are happy with the outcome.

Sammie understands the need to plan and organise every detail as well as foreseeing possible challenges at the beginning. She therefore tackles every project with a solution orientated mindset, and tackles each challenge head on.

For more information on Sammie’s work and life experience, check out her LinkedIn account here.

Adam Wale

Adam has worked as a physiotherapist for over 10 years. A demanding job requiring the ability to evaluate a problem and make decisions quickly and accurately. In addition, he has incredible communication skills and an ability to empathise. With a caring nature and empathetic presence, he builds strong, grounded relationships with each vendor, investor and member of our wider team.

Adam has experience with managing a large team of people as well as the running of a fast paced, demanding ward. He co-ordinate’s people and tasks to play to each team members strengths and ensure the best possible outcome.

Check out Adam’s LinkedIn account here.

Matt Fooks

Matt has worked in finance for 8 years, specifically working at a regional childcare provider. He manages the profit forecasts, accounts and budgets for the company. Additionally, Matt works on the growth of the company by looking for opportunities of expansion into further sites as well as in house improvements to ensure a service that is always developing.

Matt has experience with managing a business as well as the technical details of working to standards and regulations set within the industry. To see more of Matt’s experience check out his LinkedIn account here.

Lewis Wale

Lewis has always had a creative flair and a love for design. He is responsible for the branding, social media and general image for the regional childcare provider he currently works with as well as Åben’s. A working knowledge of branding and marketing trends gives Lewis the ability to keep up to date with his design ideas.

Lewis helps keep the image and brand of Åben consistent with our vision and morals. Check out Lewis’ LinkedIn account here.